Dove Diamonds & Mining Inc.

Dove Diamonds & Mining was formed to prospect for, mine, extract, cut, polish, buy, sell, export, handle and otherwise deal in diamonds and other precious stones, and metals in Sierra Leone.

Dove Diamonds & Mining has chosen to explore and mine the Baimbawai Pool in the Sewa River in Sierra Leone based on its past output as its produced high quality diamonds and gems for the long term. Sierra Leone has been a major diamond producer for 70 years and Dove Diamonds & Mining intends to be one of the leading full scale industrial Diamond Mining firms in Sierra Leone. Alluvial diamonds were first discovered in Bo District in 1930 and Dove Diamonds & Mining is already producing quality diamonds and gems for international markets.

With excellent government relations, and local partners and a long history working within Sierra Leone, the principals of Dove Diamonds & Mining have an established track record and the right relationships in Sierra Leone. Dove Diamonds & Mining shall be responsible for all required machinery, mining equipment and will work in compliance with the Mines and Minerals Act of Sierra Leone.